“How are
you kids? Did you change since we last saw you?” Kathy asked.

As the four months
pass quickly, our Aunt and sister visited twice, once when it was just them,
the second time with our mom. The visits were fun, the first time we went to a
movie theater and the second we went to Applebee’s. The girls and I got to know
my aunt and sister better, saying we already knew our mom. Besides the visits,
we started school and would attend Anoka Middle School for only two months.
Halloween was fun, and also was our last night in Minnesota. I definitely
remember it.

At nine we
resigned to trick-or-treating and went to a friend’s house of ours. They gave
us candy to put in our bags and we gave them hugs as goodbyes. We said we were
so thankful for each other, no matter what. They were all so . . . nice. I
would say that without hesitation. In fact, two days ago we went over to their
house to have a nice cooked, delicious dinner.


.      .

“’Yes,” I said. “I am
happier.” My sisters said the same thing.

“How are you?” Kathy asked

“I’m very busy, thanks for
asking, Kathy,” Aunty said. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. Are you busy

“I wish I didn’t.”


“It’s as big as the sun,
Deborah. Now let me tell you guys the news before the world commits suicide—no
comments yet, kids. Last month, Kathy and I flew over to Denver to meet your
aunt and older sister. You remember when they visited, right?”

“Kelly, how big is the news? “Deborah,
my twin sister asked.

“Of course,” I replied. “Why
would we forget?”

“Okay kids, let’s get to the
point of why Kathy and I came here to visit,” Kelly said to my sisters and me.
“We got big news that will change your lives forever. We told Aunty and your
father and other people who have some big part to your lives, too. You just
haven’t heard because everyone we told we asked not to tell you. So the big
news is—”

“Very busy, Kathy, you know
the feeling.”

“Well, we met them for a week, and we had such
a great time. Most of our time was discussing you guys and I remembered how happy
you guys looked with your aunt and sister. That was when the idea came from
Kathy: you guys should move to Colorado to live with your aunt and sister.”

“What?” My sisters and I
chorused at the same time.

“You’re moving to Colorado.
The words can’t get as easy as that.”

That’s when rain started
pouring on the windows as silence occupied the room. No one said anything and
the only thing that disrupted us was the roar of thunder. Lightning flashed in
the sky. Deborah broke the silence.

“I don’t want to move to
Colorado, Kelly. I want to stay here in Minnesota, with Aunty.”

“I want to stay here in
Minnesota with Aunty!” Jeru, my little sister said. “I don’t want to move.”

“Well two people aren’t
onboard with the idea,” Kelly said. “Do you want to move, Barnabas?”

I stopped looking at the blood
red carpet, and looked up at Kathy, Kelly, and then Aunty. I’m really quiet the
way I am when I’m stuck in bad situations like these. I look up again and I
finally say, “I want to move to Colorado, but another part of me wants to stay
here with Aunty.”

“Do you girls mean what your
brother is saying?” Kathy asked.

“Well, I’m somewhere along on
those lines,” my little sister said. “I do kind of want to move to Colorado,
but I don’t want to leave Aunty and everything else I really care about in

“I don’t want to move!” My
twin sister yelled. “I don’t want to leave Minnesota! And I definitely don’t
want to leave Aunty!” She was crying and her hair was everywhere on her face.
Her nostrils were flaring and she was a mad lion that’s cubs have been messed

there was a moment of silence, but this time it was shorter. The rain that was
bullets pattered against the window and the thunder and lightning kept roaring
and flashing. Kelly, this time, broke the silence.

“Deborah,” she said as she
gave her a bear hug. “I know moving isn’t what you want, but it’s an essential
in life. It’s a thing that needs to happen, or you won’t get pass life. It
happens to everyone, believe it or not. I know you probably heard this multiple
times, but moving is a good thing, not a bad. Keep that in mind for later.”

and Kathy left and we all exchanged “goodbyes” and “be careful”. If we haven’t
met them, I don’t know how I would’ve have made it so far. They protected us
and so did Aunty. Frankly, I hate when the rain jumps from the clouds and fall
to wherever; it hurts more than their selves.

My sister’s best friend, Andrea came by our house to get me
and my sister (my twin sister) and we went trick-or-treating. We left the house
around six, with not the best clothing selection. It was a night where ice
creeps up on the window and colonizes it. We spent half of the night
complaining while we trick or treated. We made jokes and laughed at the people
who gave us the evil eye when we passed their houses.

Literacy Goals


When I first came here, all I wanted as a literacy goal was to get a proficient. But as I began to do better in school, I changed my literacy goal. I wanted to get an A for my literacy goal. That goal was both quickly and easily reached. I stopped worrying about the literacy goal—since it was kind of easy—and changed my goal again. This goal was to be a “role model” for the other students in my class. That I also did. If you can see what I did, as I reached my goal, I wanted to reach a more advanced goal. Before I came to Colorado, I had no idea what a adverb was. I learned that an adverb is a word that describes a verb, adjective, or any other noun. I also learned how to make a blog and how to show it to the rest of the world. I learned different types of writing and punctuation and how to use it. Next year, I want to reach one specific goal: to be a better writer and reader. See you next year.

Writing Prompt: Aliens

Do you believe in the  existence of the . . . supernatural. Like witches and ghosts . . . and even aliens.If you believe in the supernatural, then you must believe in aliens. Well, they are called the “extraterrestrial.” A extraterrestrial is anything more than a terrestrial. I, at first did not believe in the existence of the extraterrestrial, but after doing some studying, I figured that extraterrestrials might exist. Messages have been sent through the Solar System that would have indicated sounds made by aliens. In the early 1960s, Frank Drake invented an equation called the “Drake Equation”.  It was said to find the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The Drake Equation looked like this—

drake equation

R stands for the average measure of star creation in the universe. fp stands for the fraction of good stars having planetary systems. ne stands for the number of planets around these stars.fℓ stands for the fraction of  planets that has potential of life devolpment. fi stands for the fraction of living species that develop intelligence.fc stands for the fraction of  living species with communictaions technology. L stands for the lifetime of the “communicative phase.” A poll on the website quizilla.com asks people whether they believe in the existence of the extraterrestrial. 241 people said , “Nope. Never existed and never will.” 342 people said, ” Of course they exist. They even come to Earth.”  131 people said, ” Only in the movies.” And 891 people said , “Maybe somewhere in the universe, but not in Earth.” What the 891 people said concludes my theory on the existence of the extraterrestrial. I believe that the extraterrestrial are in universe, somewhere. If they do come to Earth it will probably be because they do not have enough resources, and they will take ours. They will probably will take our resources, so they could live. Beware of the aliens . . . in a few hundred years.

Mother’s Day

i love momHappy Mother’s Day, mothers! We children thank you for all your support you have given in our lives. Especially me! I thank what you have done for the girls and I. I do a lot of things to help my mother. I clean the house when it is messy and make food. My mother is a very busy woman. She goes to work, cleans the house, buy the food, and especially takes care of the family. We try to stay quiet while she is sleeping. I am a second child, so I am also responsible for making food. I know how to make pasta, tomato sauce, fries, wat, eggs, hamburgers, hot dogs, and pancakes. My family lives in a two-story house, so we make an effort to not make it dirty. We are mostly quiet and we usually study. Lastly, we give our mom the support she gives us. We love her with our hearts and souls. Our mom is the best mom that any kid could wish for.



The IB Learner Profile

ib learner profile The IB learner is very important. It not only will help us be better students, but better learners as long. The IB learner profile is basically ten traits that will help us through our lives. Being principled is basically being responsible for what you are supposed to do. For example, I was being principled today when I brought my school materials to class. This shows that I have been principled. I was also caring today. Being caring is when you show both sympathy and empathy for someone. For example, I let a friend use the school laptops, instead of me using it. Being a risk taker is also important because it gives you confidence. A risk-taker is a person who asks question and shares idea. For example, today I was a risk-taker when I asked a question in French. I was also balanced, today. Being balanced is when you know when to be serious and you know the time to be goofing of. For example, in French I was taking a test, and I was being serious, unlike others. After I finished the test I began talking to my friends. I was also an open-minded. Being open-minded is when you are open to new things. In conclusion, I hope you got the chance to understand the IB Profile.

Jeff Kinney

jeffWhat do you imagine when you first think of humor. Do you think of jokes? Do you think of comedy shows? Do you think of Diary of a Wimpy series. The Diary of Wimpy Kid was written by Jeff Kinney. Jeff Kinney was born Jeffrey “Jeff” Kinney on February 19, 1971 in Fort Washington, Maryland. His “Wimpy Kid” series was based off his own childhood. He had an older brother who would sometimes be mean to him. . . and also an older sister! He often had to face his peers that usually pressured him into doing things. He is forty years old right now. He is also alive. He went to the University of Maryland in the early 1990’s. He is married to Julie Kinney and has two sons named Will and Grant. The awards he got were International Bestseller, #1 New York Times Bestselling series, and eight Harvey awards. He does not have any pets. He was a game designer for the kid-friendly, Poptropica. In college, he wrote a popular comic strip called Igdoof. Three books that he has written was The Last Invisible Boy, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Ugly Truth, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Even though he has written a lot of books, he is mostly noticed for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is about Greg who has to face the troubles of both his family, friends, and school.Greg is a person who you think to be self-conceited person. His best friend is Rowley, and he has an older brother named Rodrick and a younger brother named Manny. His mom is constantly trying to have Rodrick and Greg be more “brotherly” but like that is going to happen. He was inspired to write children books because he wanted to be a cartoonist for the news paper but they denied his work. Therefore he sticked to writing books.

Blood is Thicker


The book I have just recently finished was called Blood is Thicker by Paul Langan and D.M. Blackwell. When Hakeem learns that his father has cancer, it means leaving an old life and finding another. Hakeem is later told that he and the family will be moving to Detroit to live with his uncle James, aunt Lorraine, and cousin Savon. Savon and Hakeem used to close when they were youger, but ever since Hakeem moved to California, their brotherly-like relationship was hindered. Now Hakeem and his family are back to Detroit, possibly leaving their life back in California for good. When they arrive at uncle James’ house, everything seems changed. The house looks smaller, Hakeem’s dad might still have cancer, and . . . Savon has changed. He is now a muscular teenager that changed from an obese person into a ripped person. And not only has Savon’s appearance changed, but his attitude towards people, too. He is a rude person that Hakeem barely recognizes anymore. As Hakeem’s world begins to shrink into a dwarf planet, he is saved by Anika—a girl who is flawlessly beautiful and is his neighbor. Then, miraculously, Hakeem’s world begins to grow with the help of friends and family. If I could rate this book out of five, I would rate it a six. But since I do not think I should do that, I would rate it five out of five. This is the first time a realistic book drew my attention in it, until I was finished with it. A book that I will reccomend to everyone, this sure is a book to read.

J.K. Rowling


Imagine the world with no well known literature. Or the people who wrote them. Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou . . . or even J.K Rowling. All of them gone. Is it even possible that you can imagine that? No J.K. Rowling. Imagine that. J.K. Rowling was born Joanne (Jo) Rowling, (she had no middle name, so she took her parental grandmother’s name, Kathleen. Though people would barely call Joanne “Jo” when she was young, unless they were mad at her. Joanne was born on July 31, 1965 (the same day Harry Potter was born) in Yate, England. When she was four, her father, mother, sister Diana, and her moved to Winterbourne, England, consequently having Joanne growing up there. She went to a secondary school named Wyedean and a secondary college called Wyedean college. When Rowling was there, she aimed for her bachelor’s degree and eventually got it. She married to a television journalist and stayed happy for a while. But two years after the marriage, deppresion hit Joanne, and the two divorced. She moved to Portugal where she bore her first daughter, Jessica and begun to teach. “I had to get my baby back to Britain and re-build us a life and adrenaline kept me going,” said Joanne, and this was exactly what she did. She and Jessica moved back to London. Suprisingly, the thing that inspired Joanne to write [the Harry Potter series] was her depression. Most of her depression came form her mother’s death and her father’s dissaproval of most of what she did.She got the idea of the universally-known Harry Potter on her delayed trip to London from Manchester.Fearing that boys would not read the books if they figured out it was made by a woman, Joanne made her pen name J.K. Rowling. When she released her first book, The Philophoser’s Stone, she was awarded with the Nestlé Smarties Book prize. She was later awarded with seventeen more awards for her other books. Joanne is now a mother of three, with two daughters and one son. She is one of the most influencial people in the whole world. She is forty-five and is still alive. She may not be dead, but no matter what she does will leave her lagacy with us.